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Outstanding Service Award

Lt Col James R. Anderson

Lt Col Luther W. Berry

Mrs. Donna Chabot (Civilian)

Lt Col Fred H. Cleveland

Col Clayton E. Day

Lt Robert B. Fentriss

Col Daniel G. Foust

Mrs. Deborah Freed

Lt Col Kenneth J. Haveman

LCDR William P. Higgins

LCDR Howard Johnston

Col John L. Lawler

Maj Hugh D. McKay

Companion Mrs Modell McKay

Lt Joseph L. Merton

Lt Col Joseph L. Orr

Col Arthur R. Peterson

Cmdr Hallye E. Schwier

Capt Bobby J. Small

Cmdr James W. Sands

Companion Cinda Thomas

Maj Willard Thomas

BG Nathan C. Vail

Companion Mrs Mary E. Vail

Maj Edgar L. Ward

MAJ Robert J. Williams

National Citations

Lt Col James Anderson

Maj Hugh D. McKay

Lt Col Joseph L. Orr

Captain John Philips

BG Nathan C. Vail

Maj Robert Williams

MOWW National Scouting Award

Col John Bain – 2010

Col Dan Foust – 2012, 2013

Maj Robert Williams – 2010, 2011, 2012

MOWW BSA Community Organization Service (Square Knot) Award

Maj Robert Williams – 2011

Silver Patrick Henry Award

Maj Robert Williams - 2011